Exploring the Joy of Seasonal RV Living

Discovering the Hobbies, Crafts and Community Building that Captivate Us

March 6, 2024
By: My Camping With Views (Richard and Marilyn), Brand Ambassadors

Join Richard and Marilyn as they share their heartfelt passion for their Keystone RV Montana, a cherished haven that's more than just a mode of transportation—it's their cozy home on wheels. With every mile, they embark on a new adventure, exploring the breathtaking landscapes of their country with their faithful companions Dusty and Gabby Girl by their sides. From rugged trails to serene lakeshores, Montana is their trusted partner in adventure. But it's not just the thrill of the open road that captivates them—it's the way it accommodates their hobbies and interests, making every journey even sweeter. So come along as they reveal the secrets of their chosen floorplan, the Montana 3810MS, and how it perfectly blends comfort, convenience, and creativity for their grand adventures ahead.

There are countless reasons why we absolutely love our Keystone RV Montana! Not only do we get to take our home on wheels with us everywhere we go, we also get to experience our country from all directions, meet up with family and friends, and go on so many adventures. Lastly, we can still pursue our many creative interests and hobbies along the way. As “most” timers, this is very important to us.

Space and Convenience: Tailored Floor Plans for Every Need

Richard and I chose our Montana 3810MS because its floorplan has not only allowed us to bring the basics and necessities we need for ourselves and our rescue dogs, Dusty and Gabby Girl, as we travel, but we also have extra room to bring the equipment and materials that are needed to enjoy our hobbies and crafts. Although we still need to keep an eye on cargo weight capacity, we still get to bring our favorite things along.

We thoroughly enjoy biking, hiking a trail, walking on the beach, kayaking across a lake, and, at the end of the day, sitting around a campfire. But we also enjoy other activities we can do, like hanging out on the road and relaxing.

Storage Solutions: Making Space for Memories

Richard enjoys working on our fifth wheel with its maintenance and upkeep. He also helps others where there is a need along the way. Under our fifth wheel, there's ample space for his tools and supplies.

As for me, I have many interests and love to keep my hands busy. In our cabinets, you will find my favorite cookbook, my recipe box, and a few special pans, so I can bake bread and family favorites anytime. In the living room area, we have our game cabinet filled with some of our favorites and playing cards. I love that I have my supplies for wool applique designs and knitting with me at all times. I knit every day and everywhere. I have knitted socks in a canoe, on top of a mountain, and even at the beach, to name a few places; however, just sitting outside our Montana is just as satisfying. My newest love is being creative with my wool applique. There is space right next to my chair to store my extra yarn, my project bags, my wool pieces, and my sewing box.

I love to spread out on the kitchen table and stitch away. Our table is perfect for playing family games. Our playing cards mean a night full of card games like 2500 or Hand and Foot and lots of laughs with our friends. Any guesses as to who won the last game of 2500? It may have been me. After we are finished with any activity, we have the ability to pack up the pieces and store them away easily.


The first of its kind. A floorplan designed to safely store 2 eBikes.


Choosing the Right Fit: Tips for Selecting Your Ideal RV

This is our third Keystone Montana, and as our needs and travel plans through the years have changed, so have floor plans. In the past, as we researched new floor plans, we sat in each room, thought about what we would be bringing with us, and explored the ideas of how the cabinets and storage spaces could meet our needs. Even though the RV lifestyle is tiny or minimal, it is still full of grand opportunities and adventures just a stone’s throw away or just around the corner. Our unit also allows us to still pursue our favorite hobbies or crafts, share what we love, and also experience new avenues and grow along the way.

Here are some useful planning tips for before and when looking at RV floor plans. If you have the opportunity to attend an RV show or roam a dealership, familiarize yourself with the interior and exterior storage availability.

  • Ask yourself what you need to bring with you. Needs vs. wants.
  • It may be beneficial to make a list ahead on your phone or in a small notebook, so it is always on hand and you can easily add or subtract items. Also, it’s a great place to jot down any additional questions, thoughts, or ideas.
  • As you look at different layouts, ask yourself: Will this work for us?
  • Is it possible to bring additional things?
  • Where could these items be stored?
  • Use your imagination and visualize what an area or organization in cabinets might look like.
  • Take your time; there are so many floor plans with many storage options.

Living the Dream: Embrace the RV Lifestyle

Adding a lightweight ottoman that has inside storage or baskets to some shelving will also help organize, store, and hide items. There are so many storage options out there. Our unit has an extra couch with storage beneath it in our bedroom. We store our bike helmets, bike baskets, backpacks, and other items we do not use all the time. My cameras sit on one corner of the couch when not in use. A pair of binoculars are hanging in a cabinet by the entry door, ready to grab and go. I use a square felt basket to store my knitting projects, which I can access at arm’s length. A medium-sized plastic storage container holds my wool pieces, and a sewing basket holds my patterns and accessories. I love how these spaces and extra storage options allow me to bring my things along and share my love for fiber and wool. It makes me so happy when I have the opportunity to show someone how to knit or stitch on some wool.

Community and Connection: Building Relationships on the Road

We love that we can travel and do not have to give up on some of our hobbies. I am able to work on socks and gifts all year. It's a joy to teach someone how to knit, spend time with a fellow knitter or other crafter, and share our experiences on the road. Spending time eating delicious food and/or playing games outside with our friends or inside on a rainy day allows us to catch up on life or gives us the opportunity to get to know our new friends.

What’s special about our RV lifestyle is that our journey continuously allows us to explore at our own pace, learn from others, grow with each new experience, share our knowledge with others, meet amazing people, lend a hand as needed, and be open to what’s next while being ourselves. We always say, “It started with our Montana. It helped us find and become a part of an amazing community."