8 Ways to Beat the Heat While RV Camping

How To Help Your RV A/C Help You
August 1, 2020
By: Team Keystone

The Dog Days of Summer are upon us and so is the extreme heat. Give your RV’s air conditioner every advantage by following these eight simple steps:

  1. Maximize “passive solar” and camp in the shade when possible. Simply parking under a tree will lower the interior temperature of your RV by several degrees and help your AC and your RV refrigerator run more efficiently.
  2. Extend your patio awning and window awnings, if you have them, and lower day/nights shade or blinds to keep the sun out and the cool in.
  3. Keep your A/C air filter clean—vacuum or wash the filter frequently, or replace when needed, to improve cooling efficiency.
  4. Give your A/C a head start by turning the air conditioner on early in the morning when it is cooler outside.
  5. Run your A/C on High Fan/Cooling mode to provide the maximum efficiency in high humidity and high temperatures.
  6. Avoid opening the exterior door unnecessarily.
  7. Cook outside when possible to avoid generating additional heat inside your RV. If you have an outdoor kitchen this is the perfect opportunity to put it to use.
  8. Take a dip in the pool or lake -- like ou need an excuse. :)