Touring America, One Ballpark At A Time

Keystone RV Ambassador Spotlight
September 1, 2020
By: Team Keystone

This couple is rounding third and heading for home with their Cougar travel trailer.

Stevie teaches kindergarten and first grade for an online charter school, and Drew plays professional baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers organization. In Drew's rookie year, the couple moved five times to five different states, each time with little notice.  Through what seems like an endless volley of change, Stevie and Drew have discovered that the key to happiness is to face each new adventure – together.

“My parents suggested a trailer to give us a sense of both home and freedom, and we have never been happier.” Stevie shared.

We are currently exploring the country, baseball diamond to baseball diamond, and love seeing the variety of landscapes and cultures. So much learning." - Stevie Peters

They went for it and purchased a Cougar travel trailer, loading it with all their things. Now, they bring “home” with them everywhere Drew plays. No more uprooting their lives, no breaking leases, and no FaceTime in place of dinner table conversations.

Stevie continued, “For Drew, it is the comforts of home no matter where baseball takes us. No matter if we get moved to a different team, traded, or are on a road trip. He has his own bed and can get the rest he needs in order to play at the highest level.“

Owning a travel trailer means this young couple can both be on the road and share their lives completely. When things change, they go with the flow, knowing their Cougar homebase provides them with all of the consistency they need right now.