Maximizing Mindfulness on the Road

Tips for Staying Present from the Wandering Wades
June 6, 2018
By: Keystone Team

The freedom and excitement that comes with owning an RV is unlike anything else. It’s easy to fall into the busy lifestyle that comes with hitting the road. A little dose of mindfulness can go a long way. 

Jordan and Nick Wade, travel bloggers living in their Keystone Bullet, talked to us about how they stay healthy and the importance of mental health that comes along with it.  “Eating veggies and hiking are great, but if you aren’t finding an inner-peace, you only have half the equation down. We try to meditate each morning, and remember to breathe deeply and stay present throughout the day. The key word is “try.” We aren’t always successful, and that’s okay. You can’t take yourself too seriously, and certainly can’t give yourself a hard time for not being perfect. To help us stay centered we use essential oils and candles to make our camper smell warm and inviting.”

Full-time RVing opens the doors to the journey of a lifetime, so it’s critical to find that balance one needs in life. The Wades, also known as Wandering Wades, know this first-hand as they travel the country in their Bullet.  “Another way we massage our mental health is to remind ourselves why we’re living the RV lifestyle to begin with. There’s a unique version of freedom to living on the road, and we try to focus on the happiness found in every detail. From planning our next stop, to meeting new people, to making incredible and unexpected memories, there is always something new and exciting to look forward to,” they add.

Promoting well-being and self-care will be different for everyone, but finding what’s right for you and taking the time for yourself on the road is extremely important. Here are some easy and accessible self-care tips for the road.

Jordan & Nick Wade of the Wandering Wades enjoying an evening campfire.
Jordan & Nick Wade of the Wandering Wades enjoying an evening campfire.

It’s easy to forget to make time just to relax especially when you’re busy hiking, driving, spending time with friends, and seeing amazing places. Setting time aside to sit and promote mindfulness is a great way to refresh and refocus. According to Emma M. Seppala, who directs projects at Stanford and Yale, “New research shows meditation boosts your health, happiness, and success.”

Pamper Yourself

Whether it’s putting on a face mask, ordering your favorite over-the-top coffee drink or giving yourself a manicure, taking the time to pamper yourself can really boost your confidence and mental wellbeing.


Studies have shown that yoga can have a great impact on one’s mental health. It is a soothing practice, and has been proven to reduce stress response effects on the body, leaving you more relaxed.  If you have a mat, you can practice almost anywhere and that’s why it’s a perfect partner to the RV lifestyle.  Grab a yoga mat and hit the great outdoors!


Disconnecting from all mobile devices can be critical in finding peace and unwinding.  On the go it's easy to rely on mobile electronics to stay connected, but keep in mind what the spirit of camping really is, that's spending quality time with loved ones, connecting with nature and finding quiet through all of the world's chaos.