Volunteer and Give Back to the Community From The RV

Community Matters Camp Better
May 17, 2023
By: Keystone Team

RVers are passionate about the communities they travel through. Its wonderful to hear that RVers are volunteering to give back to their communities! There are numerous ways RVers can contribute their time and skills to make a positive impact. Help make the Camp Better movement reach further and find ways you can volunteer too. Here are just a few ideas.

  1. Disaster Relief: Many organizations, such as the American Red Cross or local disaster response groups, rely on volunteers to assist in disaster-stricken areas. RVers can offer support by providing temporary housing, distributing supplies, or helping with cleanup efforts.
  2. Habitat for Humanity: RVers can participate in Habitat for Humanity projects by volunteering their construction skills to help build or repair homes for those in need. Some Habitat affiliates offer RV parking and amenities for volunteers.
  3. National and State Parks: RVers can volunteer at national or state parks, assisting with trail maintenance, campground hosting, visitor services, or environmental conservation projects. The U.S. National Park Service and state park systems often have volunteer programs that welcome RVers.
  4. Animal Shelters and Rescues: RVers who love animals can volunteer at local shelters or rescues. They can help with tasks like walking dogs, socializing cats, assisting with adoptions, or transporting animals to their forever homes.
  5. Nonprofit Organizations: Many nonprofit organizations can benefit from volunteer assistance. RVers can offer their time and expertise in areas such as food banks, homeless shelters, youth mentorship programs, or organizations focused on specific causes they care about.
  6. Senior Centers or Nursing Homes: RVers can connect with local senior centers or nursing homes to volunteer their time engaging with residents. They can organize activities, lead workshops, or simply spend time chatting and providing companionship.
  7. Community Events and Festivals: RVers can volunteer at local community events and festivals, helping with setup, cleanup, ticketing, or providing assistance at information booths. This allows them to support their communities and contribute to the success of these events.
  8. Education and Literacy Programs: RVers with teaching experience or a passion for education can volunteer at schools or libraries. They can offer tutoring, assist with reading programs, or support other educational initiatives.

Remember, before volunteering, it's important to reach out to the specific organizations or groups you're interested in working with to understand their volunteer requirements and opportunities. Happy volunteering and Camp Better!