JBL Aura Cube


Powerful Compact High Performance Wall Mount Media Center


  • 2 zones of performance audio
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth mīZONE™
  • Parametric lighting, color display, backlit buttons w/ ambient light sensor
  • FM tuner w/ 10 presets
  • Rear HDMI (ARC)
  • Rear Optical and Analog Inputs
  • DC 12v Powered

Compact Design, Performance 2-Zone Audio Redefined

Elevate your audio and video experience with the JBL AURA CUBE compact high performance wall mount media center! CUBE features 2 separate zones of audio, allowing for control of 2 speakers in the main entertainment zone, and 2 additional speakers in a second room or in an outside exterior zone as an example. Featuring mīZONE™, an innovative approach to allowing Bluetooth audio from a personal device to be played as a separate source with full control in the second zone, while the main entertainment zone is playing a different source. CUBE is a full featured media center with Bluetooth Audio with easy pairing, FM tuner with 10 presets, rear HDMI(ARC), rear digital optical and AUX inputs. Light up the day or night with the CUBE parametric lighting feature, selectable with 3 different light modes.