Automotive DNA


Taking cues from the automotive industry, the Arcadia team kicks its finish game up a notch.

  • Dynamic lines. Forward-leaning front cap and arched roofline lean into the adventure.
  • Soft-shell fenders. Flexible and forgiving, Arcadia introduces TPO fender skirts that resist cracking and discoloration.
  • Equalized suspension. Curt’s equalized suspension delivers superior performance and reduces common failure points. Arcadia also added reinforced bracing at frame stress points for increased durability. 
  • Unobstructed & finished storage. Like the trunk of your car, Arcadia’s storage compartments are fully-lined and free from exposed wires, plumbing and other components.
  • Separate master convenience center. To alleviate the need to unload the RV’s exterior storage to access controls, the Arcadia team moved all controls out of storage into separate, easy-to-access compartments. On every fifth wheel, the convenience center will be located behind the pass-through storage on the off-campsite side of the coach. Leveling controls also have been separated by pulled into their own housing at the front of the coach. Both control centers feature intuitive visual cues for operation.