March 26, 2020

Passport. The Lightest of the Lightweights.



Bring more with Keystone Passport. 

When given the choice between bring "some" or "all" Passport went all in - making sure you can bring it all. So you can take longer trips with more firewood, keep the kids occupied with the biggest, funnest toys, and everyone gets to bring their bike! Load it up without worry. Passport has all the room without the extra weight. With plenty of sleeping and storage space, you'll have more fun and make more memories in your Passport.




A lighter camper with lots of room - means you don't have to leave anything behind.


We've been there. Packing up and making tough decisions about what to leave behind. That's why Passport makes it a priority to keep it light. So you don't have to leave behind the things that will make the trip memorable. From big things like paddle boards, to small things like sleeping bags - Passport has you covered. With 20 cubic feet of storage space at only 4307lbs, you not only have the space you need to bring it all, but the weight capacity to tow it. Passport's loaded weight is often less than its top competitor, meaning campers don't have to sacrifice what they really want to bring. This is what earns Passport the title of "Lightest of the Lightweights."



Passport knows that when given the choice between "this" or "that" you want to take along more, bigger, and better. Don't sacrifice, choose Passport.


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