Monday, July 16, 2018


Wired for Performance

Hitch Vision, Max Turn Technology, iN-Commad RV Automation, Tuf-LOK A/C Couplers. These are just some of the ground-breaking innovations Keystone RV has introduced. Technology focused on making your RV easier to use, more reliable, longer lasting and quicker to service.

Of all the innovations Keystone has unveiled, few will have greater impact than the Unified Wiring Standard. Unified Wiring (UWS) uses color-coded and numbered wires for every circuit in the RV. Keystone is the only towable manufacturer to do this across all manufacturing plants and all brands. UWS simplifies hook-up during the manufacturing process and makes tracing wires by the dealer or consumer easier and faster.  (You can download your guide to color-coded and numbered wiring here.)

Notes Keystone Senior VP of Engineering Mark Bullock, “Towable OEMs typically do not use any kind of wiring standard. You can have wires that vary from company to company and even from plant to plant. As you can imagine, this creates a nightmare for dealer service personnel and for the consumer, makes it difficult to troubleshoot, for instance, or add a fixture. With UWS wires are color-coordinated and numbered according to the circuits they are used on. It’s much easier to troubleshoot this way. You pull a light down, for example, see that it’s wired orange-white No. 4. You can then go to the distribution panel, find orange-white No. 4 and quickly determine if that’s where your trouble lies.”

Unified Wiring provides immediate benefits to Keystone owners. First, when issues arise that need dealer service, Unified Wiring will allow service techs to troubleshoot things quickly and get the owner back to the campground faster. Few tasks are more frustrating than trying to make sense of a randomly wired trailer or fifth wheel. For DIY owners, the ability to identify circuits by color-coded and numbered wires is a god-send. Keystone's Unified Wiring Standard eliminates that headache.

Innovation like the Unified Wiring Standard is just one of the ways Keystone brings you a better camper. Watch for some exciting new features in the months ahead.