Sept 1, 2020


Keystone RV 2020 Ambassador Spotlight



Five doggos. Five hoomans. Together they are an adorable family known as "K9 Gunner Tactical."


Kelsi and Brady Foster own and operate a business training dogs, helping them and their owners live happy lives together. On weekends and whenever they get the chance, they load up their three kids and five dogs into their Raptor and hit the road. Gunner is their German Shepard. Brady got Gunner as a puppy after he got out of the Marine Corps. Brady says Gunner has 100% changed his outlook on life. “Ever since Gunner has come into my life, he has been my right hand man.” Brady said. The couple bought their RV on a whim as a wedding gift to themselves. Instead of having a large ceremony, they spent their savings on something they considered more meaningful. They then bought a truck, and went to Mississippi to be married by one of their dear friends. Their honeymoon? A road trip, of course! “It was the most memorable wedding trip and honeymoon!” Kelsi told us in an email. @k9gunnertactical hopes to bring dog training to places and campsites across the country to help people build a better bond and relationship with their dog. “We saw a great need from this with having our dogs with us when we RV and people inquiring about training for the dogs they are also traveling with.” "We want everyone to enjoy their family, and fur family as much as we do!” Kelsi said. Kelsi also says hauling a RV as big as theirs requires teamwork. Fortunately, this is something they have built their relationship on, and spending time on the road just strengthens it. What we love about these guys is that they built a business helping families live happily with their dogs. They know how important pets are in a family, and they can teach skills that help a dog live his or her best life. 



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