Tuesday September 04, 2018



Keystone exclusive Omni-Chill® system solves one of the most prominent RV issues 

Without a doubt, some of my favorite childhood memories come from my family’s annual camping trip to Albion, IN... I remember my cousins teaching me how to fish, my mom relentlessly chasing me around with sunscreen (or bug spray), and the smell of pork cooking over the fire. The trip was a Fourth of July tradition that rallied my big Italian family together for a week-long reunion at Bear Lake.

Although the week was filled with smiles and laughter, I specifically remember my parents complaining about one thing—the hot, muggy weather. Thinking back, I remember waking up almost every morning sweaty and stuck to my bed sheets. My parents spent their nights fiddling with the A/C and fixing the constant breaker trip.

It’s no wonder after so many years of struggling through the heat that we finally stopped camping that time of year.

Somehow I wish I could drag and drop Keystone’s Omni-Chill® A/C system into our old “Bear Lake” RV. My parents could have kicked back, relaxed and spent a lot less time troubleshooting the circuit breaker.

The Power of Omni-Chill:

RV technology has come a long way since the Bear Lake days—however, it was not until last year that one of the most prominent RV issues was SOLVED. Keystone RV Company’s™ EXCLUSIVE Omni-Chill® air conditioning system is the latest, and possibly the greatest innovation to come from the genius technical partnership between Dometic® and Keystone’s, Key Performance brands, Raptor and Fuzion. Unlike any other A/C system on the market, Omni-Chill allows three A/Cs to run simultaneously, allowing the RV unit 35% more cooling power. Other RVs may have three A/Cs in the unit, but before now, only two A/Cs could function at any given time. Dometic’s high-efficiency air conditioners blow standard A/Cs away; lab testing proves that Omi-Chill can get a fifth wheel toy hauler a full 8 degrees cooler than conventional systems. Running two standard A/Cs takes up a ton of power (about 20 AMPs each), the standard RV allows for 50 AMPS total. Even with two A/Cs running at the same time, it is hard to power anything else without possibly blowing a fuse. Dometic and the Fuzion toy hauler brand created a system that consumes less energy, allowing all three A/Cs to run at about 32 AMPs total, leaving plenty of power for your other appliances and devices.

Not only is Omni-Chill a pretty “cool” set of A/Cs, it’s an entire high-efficiency system. The A/Cs are strategically placed (two in the main living area and one in the garage), creating a balanced circulation. Key Performance toy haulers are the only brands with a 100% vapor barrier between the garage and main cabin. That means the gas and fumes from “toys” cannot get inside the duct work and filter into the main cabin.

Beat the Heat:

Fuzion and Dometic changed the game when it comes to RV cooling. The system proved to work so well, that this year, the other half of Key Performance (Raptor) adopted the high-powered system. Jeremiah Dumka, Fuzion’s product manager, said he has received extremely positive feedback about Omni-Chill from both dealers and customers, “Since its introduction Omni-Chill has been a huge selling feature for us. It is especially beneficial in hotter climates,” he said. Josh Schmutz, the GM at Mid American agrees:

"One of our favorite events each fall is the Bikes, Blues and BBQ rally in Fayetteville, AR. Hundreds of thousands of bikers converge in the city over four days every September. It has turned into a prime event to show off our Fuzion and Impact toy haulers. Around here that time of years, it’s still typically pretty warm. With crowds coming through the units and leaving ramp doors open, it’s pretty hard to keep the units cool. Air conditioners would often drip with condensation and freeze up. But not last year...Not at all! We skeptically turned on all three A/Cs in each Fuzion unit, leaving the doors open and patios out. Temperatures were in the 90’s and units were on blacktop without shade. Every unit stayed cool. There wasn't a single failure the entire rally, and countless prospective buyers commented on how cool (not just in looks) the units were. Since then we have sold several more units with Omni-Chill. Everyone loves it and it has become more dependable than any other system we sell. We truly feel these efficient, high output air conditioners are a game changer for the RV industry.


The heat of the outdoors is no match for this triple-team of powerful A/Cs. Let Omni-Chill change the course of your future adventures—camp often, camp comfortable, and stay cool my friends. 


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