Unveiling the SolarFlex Outlast 660i-L

Join us as we dive deep into the comprehensive operations and advantages of the innovative SolarFlex Outlast 660i-L solar package! Explore the intricacies of this cutting-edge system alongside our special guest, Matt Wolkins from Future Solutions.

Exploring the Components

Let's start by heading to the front storage area and dissecting how the SolarFlex Outlast 660i-L is meticulously assembled. This includes:

  • Solar Panels: 3 high-performance 220-watt solar panels.
  • Solar Controller: A robust 50-amp solar controller for efficient power management.
  • Roof Ports: 2 roof ports, with one designated for future expansion possibilities.
  • Victron Smart Bus Dongle: Enhances system connectivity and control.
  • Inverter/Charger: A powerful 3K watt Victron Multi-plus inverter/charger with up to 7 inverted outlets.
  • Smart Shunt: Victron Smart Shunt for precise energy monitoring.
  • Battery: 1 GC3 Dragonfly Battery for reliable power storage.
  • App Connectivity: Utilize the Victron Connect App for seamless system monitoring and control.
  • Air Conditioning: Soft-start air conditioner for comfortable climate control.
  • Expansion Ready: Prepared for future expansion, ensuring adaptability to your needs.
SolarFlex Outlast 660i-L components

Powering Up and Down: Steps for Campsite and Storage

Learn the step-by-step process for turning on your Outlast 660 i-L SolarFlex system when you arrive at the campsite and powering it down when storing your RV. This includes activating the system's power sources, managing solar panel activity, and conserving energy effectively.

Advantages of SolarFlex Outlast 660i-L

Discover the unparalleled advantages of the SolarFlex Outlast 660i-L Solar package, such as:

  • 660W of Solar Power: Boondock anywhere with ample solar energy for your RV.
  • Boondock Anywhere: Enjoy freedom and flexibility in remote locations.
  • 270Amp Usable Lithium Battery: Ensure ample power storage for extended off-grid adventures.
  • Victron Inverter Capabilities: Run essential RV components directly off the battery for enhanced comfort.

Exploring the Victron Connect App

Dive into the functionality of the Victron Connect App with Matt Wolkins from Future Solutions. Learn how this app allows real-time monitoring, adjustment of settings, and optimization of your SolarFlex Outlast 660i-L system for a smooth and efficient solar-powered RV experience.

Utilize Resources for Seamless Experience

Make the most of your SolarFlex Outlast 660i-L system by utilizing resources available at www.keystonerv.com and My Keystone app. Download the Quick Start Guide and Basic User Guide for comprehensive assistance, explore each SolarFlex package, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides for a seamless experience.

Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and happy camping adventures with Keystone RV and SolarFlex Outlast 660i-L!