TPMS Programming on a TST System

Master Technician, Bart Taylor is joined with Adam Peterson of Truck System Technologies, they demonstrate how easy it is to set up your new TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System on your RV. Follow along with the guys as they set up this RV and monitoring system

Steps to complete system and tire sequence on your RV for the TPMS system:

  1. Remove the screen protector and then turn on the monitor.
  2. Hold SET it until it beeps.
  3. Once it beeps, hit the PLUS five (5) times.
  4. Press and release the SET.
  5. You are ready to build the tires of the tow vehicle and trailer.  A good rule of thumb, the bottom is going to be your driver's side. The top will be your passenger side. To navigate between tires, hit the PLUS button.
  6. The first rectangle is going to be your tow vehicle. The back will be your trailer. Hit PLUS until you get to the trailer.
  7. Choose any tire. Personal preference on using inside or outside tires, in this demonstration we use the inside.
  8. Press and release SET. Move the monitor close to the tire sidewall, placing it 180 degrees from the valve stem. Press GO. (Monitor will pick up code).
  9. Press SET to save and lock in values.
  10. Repeat steps to move from each tire. Remember to do ALL tires, including the spare tire.
  11. Once all are programed, hit the BACK twice (2 times) to get back to the home screen.

One trick recommended, imagine the monitor like your mirrors. Bottom set is your driver's side and the passenger side will be the top. So whenever programing the sensors just make sure to keep the passenger tires on the top and the driver's side on the bottom.

Once monitor has been programed, home view will have all tires on the screen with the temperature and pressure reading in the box.