Learn how to store and preserve Lithium Batteries for your RV

As RV owners are changing over to Lithium Batteries, a commonly asked question is asked—How do I store my Dragonfly Lithium Batteries?

First, there is no need to remove the batteries and store them inside and 2nd Dragonfly Lithium Batteries are safe in temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Follow the steps on storage:

  1. Make sure they are fully charged to 100%
  2. Turn OFF the Battery Heat switch. If you are not going to actively charge the batteries, there is no need for the batteries to heat themselves.
  3. Turn OFF the Giggy Box battery disconnect.
  4. If your RV is equipped with an inverter, turn its disconnect switch to OFF.
  5. Finally, if your RV is equipped with a PV Solar Panel Disconnect switch, which is typically located next to your Smart Solar Charge Controller, turn it to OFF.
  6. If you wish to learn more about your DragonFly Lithium Batteries, follow General Care & Maintenance of your Dragonfly Lithium Battery in your Keystone RV.

It's just that simple. When spring rolls around, just follow these steps in reverse to get your SolarFlex system back up and running, but for now....get ready to enjoy the snow!