RV LED Awning Light Strip: Replace and Do-It-Yourself

It never fails, a few of the lights have stopped working, and it's time to replace the LED awning light strip. Keystone RV's Master Technicians, Matt, and Bart guide us through step-by-step instructions to replace it yourself.

Tools you will need on hand:

New LED Light Strip

Screw gun with #2 square bit

Shop Towels and rubber gloves

Putty Knife

Adhesive remover/Alcohol cleaner

Caulk gun and sealant

Wire Strippers, Wire Crimpers or pliers



IMPORTANT—turn off the power to the light. Your safety is important to us!

Step by step guide on removing the existing LED light strip :

  1. Unroll the awning, and remove the cover on the hardware to expose the wires.
  2. Remove the silicone sealant and pull out the wires from the wall
  3. Cut the two wires closest to the light strip, set them aside for reference
  4. Slide the light out of the track
  5. Using the old light strip, measure against the new roll to determine the length needed, and cut on the nearest line.
  6. Test the new lights before installing, using a 9 Volt battery or your 12 Volt RV Battery.

Inserting and connecting the new lights:

  1. Slide the new light back into the track
  2. Prepare the wires for reconnecting-cut back insulation about 5/16" to expose wires.
  3. Hook up the light, and connect the wires with bell caps or butt connectors. Attach wires the same as how removed, use the old light to match up the colors.
  4. Once assembled, tuck the wires back up into the wall
  5. Reseal wires with sealant
  6. Attach the cover back to the awning hardware.

Now it is time to test the lights. Turn the power back on and try them out!