Wall Seam Tape Replacement

In this installment of RV Pro Tips, we'll show you how to replace your seam tape. There are multiple reasons why you may want to replace your seam tape.  A couple common reasons are discoloration from using harsh cleaners like citrus based or bleach cleaning chemicals. At times, the tape can lift due to high humidity inside the RV. While seam tape can sometimes be repaired, in most situations it’s simply easier and more convenient to replace the seam tape.


Tools Required:

  • Razer knife
  • New piece of seam tape


  1. Carefully remove the old piece of seam tape.  With a razor knife, cut the seam tape free from under any roof or floor line trim.  Next carefully press the tip of the razor knife between the panels’ vinyl layer, and the seam tape to work the tape free from the wall.  Make sure to work enough free that you can comfortably grab with your fingertips.   It’s important to note that binding and twisting the seam tape during removal may cause the decorative vinyl layer on the panel to tear.  Make sure to pull in a straight line not at an angle.
  2. With the tape removed make sure the surface is free of any debris before applying the new piece.
  3. Now measure the length you need to replace. Take the new seam tape and cut it a few inches longer that what you need.
  4. Once you have your measured piece of new tape, pull back a small section of the adhesive cover.  Place the seam tape at the highest point allowing it to cover the center of the seam.  (If possible, tuck under the trim molding a bit).
  5. Now we can begin to work our way down the wall attaching the center every couple of feet until the panel seam is completely covered.
  6. Using the razor knife, remove any excess seam tape from the top and bottom.