How to replace a kitchen faucet when you want to give your RV a fresh new look

Welcome to another episode of RV Pro Tips. This video walks you through installing a new kitchen faucet in your RV for a fresh look.

The plumbing in your Keystone RV is similar to what you would find in your home. So whether you buy a direct replacement part or buy something locally, the installation process will be similar.

The tools/equipment needed are:

  • Replacement faucet (verify it will fit the countertop opening)
  • Channel-lock pliers
  • Basin Wrench
  • Shop towels
  • Washer (if needed)

Before starting the project, make certain to review the space requirements needed. Many stories have been told around the campfire just from watching others do this task!

Let's go ahead and start by turning off the water supply hose or shutting off the water pump. Once the source is turned off, you may go ahead and follow the steps below:

  1. Release the pressure in the water lines by opening up the hot and cold water faucets until no more water is coming out.
  2. Lay down a few shop towels on the floor under the faucet area to capture any residual water that may spill out the lines.
  3. Loosen the supply lines-they should be hand-tight however you may loosen them with channel-lock pliers if needed.
  4. After both hot and cold water lines are removed, loosen the faucet retaining nuts, under the countertop, attached to the base of the faucet-they should be hand tight. If they are snug you may need to use channel-lock pliers or a basin wrench to loosen them.
  5. After the removal of the old faucet-clean the countertop of any debris.
  6. Install the new faucet and hardware following the instructions included in the packaging of the replacement faucet.
  7. Once installed it is now time to test for any leaks.
  8. Turn the water supply back on and check all connections under the sink. If all is dry-you are then ready to run water through both the hot and cold sides and recheck.

You are all set, you changed out your faucet. Well done!