Drawer Guide Replacement

With #RVlife comes consistent RV maintenance, and your interior storage is no exception. Over time, drawer guides can become worn from regular use, or maybe something was damaged by accident and now the drawer doesn't close or open properly. It may be time to replace some of the drawer guides in your RV. Replacing your drawer guides is one way to keep your RV interior storage functional. Watch this Pro Tips video or scroll down for step-by-step instructions on how to correctly replace your drawer guides.


Tools Required:

  • Screw gun w/ #2 square bit
  • New drawer guide


  1. Locate all screws and note where they are located.
  2. Pull the drawer out till it stops and locate the release tab.
  3. Pressing on this release tab (there will be one on both guides) you should be able to pull the drawer all the way out. This will leave the outer portion of the guide attached to the cabinet, and the inner portion of the guide attached to the drawer.
  4. With a pencil, draw a line under the bottom of both guide sections. Once the guides are removed, the lines will help with placing the new guides.  
  5. Remove the screws from both the inner, and outer guides. Remove the new inner guide from the new outer guide by pulling them apart while pressing the release tab.
  6. Install the new outer guide on the cabinet using the same screws you removed earlier. Be sure to line the guides up with the pencil lines you marked.
  7. Install the new inner guide on the drawer using the same screws you removed earlier. Be sure to line up the marks you made with the pencil.
  8. Line up the guides with each other and reinstall the drawer.
  9. Push the drawer to its stopping point and push the release tabs to allow the drawer to slide all the way into its fully installed position. To test for correct install, pull the drawer out to its stopping point and make sure the drawer guides are stopping where they should.