RV Shower Head and Hose Replacement

If you are looking for a project you can do yourself, follow these steps to save time and money.

Remove the existing hose and shower head:

  1. Turn shower faucets off
  2. Unscrew the fitting at bottom of faucet.
  3. Remove and pull the hose out of the wall anchor.

Install and assemble replacement hose and shower head:

  1. Ensure the new hose and shower head washers are in place to keep it from leaking.
  2. Hook up and hand-tighten the hose to the bottom of the faucet.
  3. Feed the hose through wall anchor.
  4. Attach and hand-tighten the new shower head.
  5. Test for leaks.

This do it yourself project has 3 big takeaways—no visit to the service shop, easy installation and no tools required. All saving you time and money, just another way Keystone RV helps you Camp Better!