Shopping for A Travel Trailer?

Tips, Tricks, & Resources to Help You Find the Perfect Travel Trailer
May 30, 2023
By: Team Keystone

There are thousands of travel trailers out there and narrowing it down to one can be daunting. We have some great tips, tricks, and resources to help you narrow down your choices. Keep reading to find out more!

Step 1: Narrow Down Your Search

There are many things to keep in mind when narrowing down your travel trailer search.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • How many people will be regularly camping with you? This question helps you choose between a couples coach or a bunkhouse. For example, if you are traveling with kids but want privacy, you might want a private main bedroom and bunkroom. If your kids are older, you might want a double suite. If traveling solo or with your significant other, you might just want an open-concept floorplan.
  • How important is storage to you? If you are planning to travel for longer stretches of time, storage is vital. If you are traveling with a large group, storage is vital. When choosing a travel trailer, keep in mind not only interior storage but also exterior storage. Some floorplans have rear cargo doors with flip-up bunks that are perfect for bikes or kayaks. Some floorplans intentionally add interior storage in any space that is possible. Some floorplans have unique storage solutions like a built-in pegboard for tools in the passthrough storage.
  • What is the most important space in your RV? Do you spend the most time in the living area? Is countertop space incredibly important? Is your bedroom your safe and relaxing space? Or do you prefer to sit outside underneath your awning with a fantastic outdoor kitchen?
  • Do you have a tow vehicle with a weight restriction? Many travel trailers can be towed with a large SUV or lighter-duty truck. If you already have a tow vehicle, make sure that you keep well under your tow capacity (hint: you'll want to save some weight for all of your necessities like clothes, food, and your tanks if you fill them prior to the campsite). If you don't know your towing capacity, it should be easy to find based on the year, make, and model of your vehicle.
  • Are you working with a budget? If you have a cost that you are comfortable paying, make sure that you only look at floorplans that work with that budget. You don't want to fall in love with something that will make you uncomfortable price-wise. We have plenty of travel trailers for virtually any budget and many floorplans to choose from.
  • What is your ideal trailer length? Do you have a certain place where you are going to store your new travel trailer and have a max size that will fit? Is this your first trailer and you only feel comfortable towing a certain length? Our travel trailers range from single axles that are 21 ft in length all the way to double axles almost 40 ft in length. You can narrow down your search by knowing what length you are comfortable staying under.
  • Are there any amenities that you can't live without? Do you need an outdoor kitchen? Convenience center? Power stabilizer jacks? A couch and a dinette? King-sized bed? Washer/dryer prep? There are so many amenities that can be standard or optional in specific floorplans. If you have something that you can't live without, make sure that you make it a priority when shopping!

Based on your answers to these questions, you can filter on our RV Finder to narrow down your search. Check out this tool here!

Check Out the RV Finder

Your one stop shop to filter your wants and needs to help you find your dream travel trailer

Step 2: Speak to a Personal Shopper

If you are still having trouble making a decision on your dream travel trailer, we have a team of personal shoppers whose entire goal is to help you shop! They'll ask the right questions to find the perfect camper for you and help find you a dealer with the one that you choose in inventory.

Thinking about buying a new RV and have questions?

Speak to a personal shopper today!

The team at Keystone is here to help! Whether you have general questions about RVing or specific questions about our products, we have the answers or we’ll do our best to find them for you.

Step 3: Build Your RV

We are excited to have recently added a build and price function to our website. This new feature allows you to price out all of the features that you want so that you have a better idea of what you'll be spending when you go into the dealership!

Build & Price Your Dream Travel Trailer!

Have an idea of what you'll be spending prior to going to a dealership

It is now easier than ever to narrow down the options that you want in your travel trailer. Select your favorite floorplan and choose what options you would like in your travel trailer. You can then brig your build plan into the dealership.

Step 4: Find a Dealer with Inventory

Good news! Using the find a dealer function on our website, you can look up local dealers by the brands that they carry! If you are looking for a specific floorplan, you can choose to contact the dealer directly to verify that they have the floorplan in their inventory.

Find a Dealer!

Check out this great resource to find a dealer near you that carries the brand of your choice.