Introduction to do-it-yourself repairs

This RV Pro Tips video introduces you to DIY RV repairs, and even shows you why to contact your rv manufacturer when making repairs yourself.

Here at Keystone RV, we understand that your time is important and sometimes it is easier to Do-it-Yourself, as opposed to taking your RV back into the dealer for minor repairs.  More now than ever many recreational vehicle owners are relating to the “Do-it-Yourself” method of repairs.  This allows you to use your skills to save time and money.  For example, if you simply need to replace a part (such as blinds, the radio, a cabinet door, a drawer guide) and you are comfortable replacing it yourself, we can help you.  We may even be able to send you a part to install yourself or with the help of someone you know and trust.  

Before you attempt to repair your RV yourself, take a moment and assess the problem and determine if there really is a problem.  To find out it was operating correctly, it was not being operated properly, or the condition is normal - can be frustrating.  Here are some resources and suggestions to help you validate your situation before taking on a repair yourself.

  1. Review your Owner’s manual or the Vendor manual for the component in question. I encourage you to visit the “Owners” link on for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), “How to” Videos or “Chat” with a Keystone Owner Relations representative.
  2. Review the Vendors website for more information regarding the component in question.
  3. Contact your selling dealer or Keystone Customer Service to run it by one or both of us.

Keep in mind - return of the old part may be required, but we can help. We can email you a UPS return label, and you can then use the packaging from the new part to send back the old part. Just drop it off at the nearest UPS location. 

NOTE: The “Do it Yourself” method of repairs is not required in anyway when the unit is within the terms of the warranty, it is strictly offered as an option for a more convenient and timely service experience to a willing consumer.

Most importantly, your safety comes first. We want you to have the opportunity to complete simple repairs, but please use caution and good common sense.  Your comfort in working on RV repairs and safety are very important. So if at any time you are at all uncomfortable or realize you don’t have the necessary experience to independently work on any repair project - please, stop what you are doing and immediately seek the advice of someone familiar with your RV. Or contact your authorized Keystone dealership and arrange for the dealerships service group to address and fix the problem. If you are not sure about the repair or it involves life safety related items such as the liquid propane(LP) gas system, any of the electrical system, and plumbing, or it involves such things as the slide room systems, hydraulics, appliances, STOP and schedule an appointment with your dealer.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Keystone Customer Service, we are always happy to help.