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August 28, 2018

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In 2015, Keystone engineers teamed up with ASA Electronics, a leading electronics firm, to create the RV industry's first reliable app-based control system—called iN-Command® . iN-Command successfully eliminated the clutter of switches and buttons replacing them with a clean, easy to use touchpad along with an app that transformed smart phones into a multi-functional remote control.
Fast-forward to 2018 and the breakthrough iN-Command system is changing the game once again by incorporating “Global Connect” into the latest generation of iN-Command. This new, smart-home system makes it easy for Keystone owners to control and monitor many of their RV’s functions from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi and cellular data connections. 


How it Works:


  • The brains of the system is the Body Control Module (BMC). Commonly located in the pass-through of your Keystone RV, the BMC houses numbered, color-coded wiring and a series of solid-state relays. These relays switch on and off the various electrical components of the RV.

  • Communicating with the BMC is the Display Commander— a state-of-the-art, wall-mounted touchscreen that can be personalized to your preferences.  Touching a function on the Display Commander sends a signal to the BMC to open or close a circuit.

  • Virtually all the Display Commander functions can be duplicated on your smart phone or tablet through the iN-Command app (download from the App store or Google Play).

  • Here’s the kicker: Using Wi-Fi and cellular data connections, in-Command with Global Connect gives you the ability to monitor and control many vital functions of your Keystone RV from anywhere in the world.  For example, say you are enjoying dinner at a restaurant miles from your campground when a thunderstorm approaches. However, there’s no need to worry—simply open the iN-Command app on your smart phone and retract your RV’s awning until the storm passes. While you’re at it, you can also check your Keystone RV’s tank levels, control interior/exterior lights, and climate-control systems. The possibilities are almost limitless.


 Leading the Field:

Keystone’s best-selling Cougar line of travel trailers and fifth wheels is the first RV brand to embrace iN-Command with Global Connect across all models. “Over the past 20-years, Cougar had earned the reputation as the industry lead in looks, floorplans and technology,” said cougar product manager, Matt Christensen. “By making iN-Command with Global Connect a Cougar standard, we continue to build our legacy and give a new generation of RV buyers more reason to choose Cougar,” he said.

In addition to Cougar and Cougar Half-Ton, you can find iN-Command with Global Connect on Alpine, Fuzion, Montana Legacy Edition, and Raptor.


See how you can use iN-Command with Global Connect.