Tuesday February 5, 2013



If campers had a choice wouldn't you always choose a King bed over a Queen? Two night stands over one night stand? Dual outlets instead of one outlet? More walk around room instead of less walk around room? A skylight  rather than no skylight? Or a 32" TV instead of a 24" TV ? I thought so! These are all reasons why Raptor is leading the industry with seven King bed floor plans.

Some of the most popular features include the following:

  • King Size Ortho Select Memory foam mattress
  • Dual night stands with dual light switches and electrical outlets
  • 32" Bedroom TV              
  • Skylight with night shade for light conservation.
  • Tons of walk around room
  • Massive amounts of drawer storage and hanging closet storage.
  • Private entry into the bathroom.
  • Cross air ventilation.
  • Ambient lighting for night time navigation



King Bed Suite is available on these seven floor plans:

310TS, 332TS, 365LEV, 381LEV, 384PK, 410LEV, 4014LEV