Seems like no matter how well you plan, the refrigerator in your RV is never big enough.  Cold drinks, fresh veggies, maybe a few steaks—let’s face it, all the goodies we take with us camping take up a lot of space.  While the size of the refrigerator is limited by the size of your trailer or fifth wheel, Keystone is introducing three novel solutions to increasing your RVs cold storage capabilities. 

Larger RV Refrigerators

Just as in our homes, over the years refrigerators have grown larger.  Most Keystone brands now offer 6 and even 8-cubic-foot Norcold or Dometic refrigerators with some brands offering 12-plus cubic feet of cold storage. And few brands like Keystone Raptor are the first to offer the industry’s largest RV refrigerator, the Norcold Polar Max-Plus with a whopping 18-cubic-feet of space to store all your perishables.  Because these are 2-way RV refrigerators and run on either shore power or propane, you can continue to operate them even if you camp without hookups.



Residential Refrigerators

Have you noticed that RV kitchens are looking more and more like the kitchen in your stick-and-brick home? In many RVs, stylish residential refrigerators are coming onto the scene. Keystone brands like Montana, Alpine, Fuzion and Sprinter all offer  Samsung French-door refrigerators.  These are exactly like those that you might have in your home and operate on 115-volt AC, powered through an inverter when you are not plugged into shore power.  Not only do these refrigerators offer all the cooling efficiency of state of the art residential refrigerators, but they just pain look good.



So go ahead and a load up the grocery cart. The refrigerator you’ll find in your next Keystone RV will be able to handle all your needs.