Thursday, May 4, 2017



Stay In-Command by using the free app!


The new iN-CommandTM control system exclusively available on Keystone Alpine, Fuzion, Montana, Outback, and Raptor models gives you control over your RV like never before.  Virtually anything that operates with an electrical switch or motor can be controlled by iN-Command through your smart phone or tablet using the free app.

  • Turn on and off the water pump and water heater. This system enables you to select 
    between electric or propane fuel sources, or both


  • Turn on and off lights including interior, exterior, security, awning lights. For added convenience, you can rename the slide rooms and light groups to any names you like.


  • Extend and retract slideout rooms, patio awnings, front and rear jacks and leveling systems.


  • iN-CommandTM also monitors your battery level and your fresh, gray, and black water holding tanks. If your Keystone RV is equipped with the generator, you can start your generator with a tap of an icon and view voltage and fuel levels, running hours, and diagnostic issues such as low oil, over cranking and service warning.


Reliable. Powerful. Easy to Use.  And Safe.

When we sat down to design the iN-CommandTM we set our goal to make it reliable, powerful, easy to use and safe. We started with a clean slate to develop a wireless command system that would change the RV industry. We built it to automotive-grade standards and used proven technology to withstand the rigors of the RV lifestyle. There is nothing else like it on the market today.

iN-CommandTM embraces the next generation of controls for your Keystone RV by acting as the central hub of operations and puts you at the helm by using your preferred smart device be it iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet. 

Eliminates failure-prone rocker switches and buttons

The Display Commander located inside our coach is the heart of the system and your primary point of contact with iN-CommandTM.  All of the switches and monitoring panels that have cluttered up interior walls in the past are integrated into this one sleek, touch screen monitor.



What makes the Display Commander really stand out, however, is that it can be controlled remotely with smart phone or tabled using the free JENSEN iN-CommandTM moble app.  The app performs all of the same functions as the Display Commander, but from the convenience of your mobile device.

  • Multiple users                                                    
  • Never lose your controller
  • When you have your phone, you're iN-CommandTM


See How Easy the iN-CommandTM is to Use and How it Can Help Control All of Your RV Systems

We took an iN-CommandTM coach to the campground to see how campers would react.  Was it easy to use?  Was it reliable?  Did they love it? Check it out for yourself.



Want to learn more?  Download the iN-CommandTM brochure here.