Thursday, March 21, 2017



No RV comes closer! 


For many, this is the holy grail of RV design:  A camper that is small and light, yet spacious and loaded with comforts.  A camper that lives BIG and tows easy.  For our money, no RV comes closer to reaching this goal than the Passport and Bullet expendables.



First off, what is an expandable?  You might also see them referred to as “hybrid” trailers. Expandables or hybrids combine many of the benefits of a hard wall/hard top conventional travel trailer with the smaller size and lighter weight of a pop-up camper.

Topped by a solid, one piece roof with solid fiberglass walls, Keystone Passport and Bullet expandables are durable and provide protection against the elements.  Keystone adds extra sleeping capacity without increasing weight by incorporate easy to use, strategically placed fold-out walls in certain areas.

See how easy they are to set up



Some Bullet and Passport models weigh around 3000 pounds unloaded.  This means they can be  towed by smaller vehicles including crossovers and the popular smaller SUVs.  (Always check your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for actual tow ratings and required towing equipment.)

In short, Keystone Bullet and Passport expandables deliver a huge amount of comfort in a smaller and lighter package.  Here are two of our most popular models.

Bullet 1650EX

Under 20-feet in length with sleeping for up to eight, this Bullet 1650EX expandable is perfect if you are looking for an easy to tow travel trailer with lots of bunk space.  With full kitchen, full bath, roof air-conditioning and furnace, this travel offers all the comforts of much larger and heavier campers.  (Click on the floorplan and images for more details and specs.) 

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Passport 217EXP

Take the kids, the cousins, and the whole troop along for some family camping fun. At 25-feet in length this Passport expandable offers an incredible amount of luxury with full kitchen and bath, and a U-shaped dinette that is truly sumptuous.  Three queen beds fold out from the walls and when combined with the dinette that converts into a bed along with the fold down sofa, and you can sleep up to 10.(Click on the floorplan and images for more details and specs.)

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