Now even the smallest Keystone camper can offer the luxury-sized convenience and cleaning power of a high quality, built-in central vacuum thanks to the new Road-Vac CS-6. 

Designed exclusively for Keystone RV by InterVac and available on select Keystone brands, this small but powerful vacuum comes installed in a location that is typically wasted space.  Says Keystone General Manager Kyle Kwasny, “We are rolling out the Road-Vac system in the Hideout line right now and are excited to offer our customers a feature never before seen in this market segment. 



Our owners love the convenience of a central vacuum but they don’t want to give up the storage capacity in their coach that a traditional system would require.  At only 6-inches tall the Road-Vac CS-6 demands little space yet it has all the power of larger machines.”  Adds Kwasny, “Our product design team worked closely with the engineers at InterVac to offer Keystone owners this industry-first feature.  No one else has anything like the Road-Vac.  This is another way Keystone builds additional value into our brands.”

Located in Palm City, Florida, InterVac is the leader in central vacuum systems for the mobile, RV and boating industries.  InterVac Vice President Susan Schlopkohl says that the company refined their expertise in compact central vacuums to design the Road-Vac CS-6.  “Designing a central vacuum system for a smaller RV is challenging because of the limited space.  We believe we have succeeded in packing a tremendous amount of power in a small footprint.  Keystone owners will be thrilled with the Road-Vac’s cleaning efficiency and ease of use.  It comes complete with all the attachments you will need to keep your RV spotless from top to bottom.”

The Road-Vac CS-6 is available on select Keystone brands including the Hideout.