Tours limited or not available during holidays and plant shut downs.


Tours begin in the customer service owners’ lounge.  Please email or call ahead to confirm your tour.*


Bullet       Tuesday       1:00 PM  
Sprinter       Tuesday       1:00 PM  
Passport       Tuesday       1:30 PM  
Montana/Mountaineer     Tuesday       2:00 PM  
Big Sky       (Subject to availability)** TBD)      
Outback       Tuesday       2:00 PM  
Raptor       Tuesday       2:00 PM  
Cougar       Wednesday     1:00 PM  
Fuzion        Wednesday     2:00 PM  
Springdale     Wednesday     1:00 PM  
Hideout       Thursday       2:00 PM  
Alpine/Avalanche     Thursday       2:00 PM  
Laredo       Thursday       2:30 PM  
* (866) 425-4369          
** Contact Montana sales