Luxuriously Lightweight

Owning a lightweight travel trailer doesn't have to mean taking a pass on the "glamping" amenities you're looking for. Distinctive in the lightweight category, Keystone Premier travel trailers offer larger floorplans and luxury amenities like a beautiful, painted full-fiberglass front cap and solid surface countertops in easy-to-tow 4,400 to 7,500-pound models.


4,713 lb - 7,765 lb


24' 3" - 38' 3"


11' 0" - 11' 4"

Sleep Capacity

4 - 11



Decor Option 1

Steel Premier

Steel Premier
Midnight Monterey cabinetry
Bullet countertop
Steel Floor
Steel sofa
Steel valance

Steel decor marries silvery modern furniture with champagne-toned hardware and deep charcoal accent cabinetry. Always rich and welcoming, Steel transcends traditional decor pallettes providing a deliciously lush getaway.

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Decor Option 2

Ashland Premier

Ashland Premier
Midnight Monterey cabinetry
Premier countertop
Ashland Floor
Ashland sofa
Ashland valance

The mixture of light taupe-colored furniture, silvery gray cabinets, champagne-colored hardware, and light wallboards make a statement in Bullet's Ashland decor.

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