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Recycling Recognized for Major Energy Savings

Keystone RV Comany has been recognized by Schupan & Sons, Inc. for energy-saving recycling efforts in 2014. According to statistics provided by the Bureau of International Recycling, Keystone RV has saved the equivalent of 1,564,000 gallons of gasoline and enough electricity to power 2,505 homes for a year.  Any way you count it, that's a lot of energy that is being saved.


Some of Keystone's facility services team shown in the expanded polystyrene recycle center, where the material is processed and reduced by volume 50:1 before being returned for reuse.

Bob Pettit, director of support services at Keystone, comments that recycling and energy savings are an ongoing priority at Keystone. “We look at the whole company footprint ,” says Pettit. “We recycle everything from paper and wood, to aluminum, steel and plastics.  Even seemingly insignificant items like aerosol paint cans get returned to the vendor for reprocessing.  It all adds up.” Recycling plays a major role in Keystone’s energy conservation and the company aggressively pursues other initiatives.  For example, stated Pettit, “We work closely with more than 20 vendor partners to make extensive use of reusable packaging and shipping containers, in this way reducing waste.  The entire manufacturing process is constantly being re-evaluated to find ways to be more energy and materials efficient.”

According to Keystone RV Company President Matt Zimmerman, recycling and energy conservation are part of our culture and commitment. “As one of Goshen and Elkhart County’s largest employers, we want to do what is right for our community. Recycling and reusing material rather than putting it into landfills is the responsible way to serve our community and is something our employees can be proud of. ”

Schupan & Sons, Inc. is a national and international recycler headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, founded in 1968.

Written by Fred Greene



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