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Today's Toy Hauler Combines Huge Storage Capability with Luxury Living

Alas, the lowly toy hauler.  Once simply a glorified cargo trailer with bed, today's Keystone toy haulers have evolved into incredibly accommodating and luxuriously equipped recreational vehicles.  No longer strictly the domain of ATV-enthusiasts and sportsmen, instead, families, couples, and many other people never intending to touch a mud covered, gasoline-smelling machine hitch up their Keystone Fuzion or Raptor toy hauler and head out to explore the open road.


What makes Keystone toy haulers so ideally suited for a variety of owners and lifestyles?  First, the flexible space within the "garage" creates a 10-12-or 14-foot deep by 8-foot wide open area.  Perfect for toys, bicycles, antique furniture, woodworking equipment, BBQs,  yes, even ATVs or motorcycles.  Tie-down points welded into the frame enable you to securely anchor your cargo.  But the "garage" is not just a garage.  With a push of the button queen bunk beds lower from the ceiling, turning your "garage" into a bedroom.  Not only that, equipped with LCD TV, entertainment center, swivel chairs and carpeting, the rear garage is now a second living area and family room.  Add the patio deck complete with awning to the ramp door and you have dramatically increased your space.    


Another reason Keystone toy hauler popularity is booming is that the "house" area of the coach has been dramatically redesigned to deliver comfort, luxury and style like never before.  Tall ceilings, an abundance of windows for natural light, curved walls, accent colors, and solid surface countertops make the primary living areas of Fuzion and Raptor toy haulers equal or better than high-end luxury fifth wheels.  And with over 25 models from which to choose, you can find a Keystone Fuzion or Raptor toy hauler in a floorplan that best suits your needs.

No doubt about it.  Toy haulers have come a long way in the past few years.  Which is why more and more campers are selecting Fuzion and Raptor as their preferred recreational vehicle. Explore the Fuzion and Raptor brands on line now.

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