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Destination Trailers are a special breed

What is a destination trailer?

There’s a new kind of non-traditional RV that’s turning heads.  It’s called a Destination Trailer and offers many luxuries and some unique advantages compared to the traditional RV travel trailer.

What is a Destination Trailer?  It’s designed to be towed to a campground, parked and used throughout the season.  It is not primarily intended to be towed back and forth to your home base each weekend or to be towed cross country on an extended vacation, though that is not impossible.   Like your typical travel trailer, the destination trailer hooks on to the rear of your tow vehicle, is self contained with waste holding tanks, freshwater tank, refrigerator, running water, and hooks up to an outside power source.  

View photos of Retreat 39RETS at: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjD756fw

Destination trailers like the Keystone Residence and Retreat offer more living space and more residential-style appointments than found in a travel trailer.  Ceilings and slide out rooms are typically taller creating a more open, spacious feel; furnishings are heavier-weight and residential in construction and appearance; and appliances are like those you might find in your home.  Because easy of towability and aerodynamics were not a consideration, you will find features like large, front vertical bay windows and double wide sliding patio doors. Destination trailers frequently weigh in excess of 10,000 pounds and should be towed with a properly equipped truck.

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